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Computing and Imaging

I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow in radiological sciences at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin. I publish on mathematical, computational and statistical aspects of medical imaging and movement analysis. Check out my Image Gallery, Software and Publications pages for more.

Manual Therapies and Neuroplasticity

I am interested in developing the scientific evidence base for manual therapies, especially those that treat through music and/or movement. I think these therapies have been grossly underestimated due to the methodological challenges of measuring their impact effectively. I think that better measurement technologies and quantitative methods will be able to document the neuroplastic power of these methods and give them the place they deserve in our culture. I am always interested to bring my statistics and signal processing chops to projects involving music, movement or manual therapy. Check out my Media and Publications pages for more.

Contact Me If...

-- You are interested in any of my research publications or projects
-- You would like to use my old case studies or curricula, or have questions about them
-- You want to ask me about some aspect of the interaction between music, movement, therapy, and neuroplasticity
-- You know of an interesting therapy or other method I might be interested to hear about.
My email is my name, all one word, at .

Improvisation Blog

I once maintained a blog of improvisational music called the Daily Improvisation. It contained hundreds of classical-styled improvisations, some of which had more than 20,000 downloads (mostly from China, for whatever reason). It was eventually overtaken by other interests, but people still go there to hit the jukebox from time to time. You can find it at .