UPDATE 8:30 A.M. ET — Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical officer for the National Institutes of Health, says there are more than 100 different yeast infections and more than 1 million strains of yeast that can cause serious infections.

We’re also seeing some reports of people contracting yeast infections through contaminated food.

Faucci says a lot of the time the yeast can’t be traced back to food.

He says if you’re getting yeast infections, do not eat too much.

He also says it’s important to get tested regularly.

Fausci says people who are infected should get tested, but they should also get a probiotic and antibiotics if they’re not already taking them.

FCA says if someone is sick with yeast infection, it’s best to stop eating foods that are contaminated with the bacteria.

You can get more information about how to prevent yeast infections at Faucs website.

He recommends getting an annual flu shot.

The National Institutes for Health says more than 2 million Americans have an infection.

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