Exercise like you’re running on ice.

This might sound silly, but it’s a great way to keep your nasal cavities from expanding.

Your finger tips are also great for holding your breath and taking deep breaths.

You can also practice doing your breathing with your thumb.

It’s really easy and takes only a few minutes.

Here’s how: Grab a pair of scissors or a pair you can fit your hand in and begin to bend them back and forth.

When you’re ready to do it, gently slide them into your nasal passages, and hold them there for a few seconds.

When your fingers have reached the desired length, you can put them back in your nostrils and move them in a similar manner.

You don’t have to worry about your fingers getting stuck and breaking your nose, but you might be uncomfortable with the extra effort.

Once you’ve done this, move your fingers back out of your nostril and repeat the exercise.

As you do this, you’ll want to work on your ability to hold your breath.

To do this safely, you want to keep them firmly in your nasal passage.

Hold your breath for a minute or two.

Once it’s clear that you’re doing the right thing, move the tips of your fingers so that your fingers are facing toward your nose.

You want to start at your nose and work your way up the inside of your nose until you reach the inside corner of your mouth.

Do not let your fingers get tangled in the muscles of your jaw, teeth, tongue or lips.

Continue practicing with each finger.

As your practice continues, your nasal cavity will become thicker, making it easier for you to hold and breathe in and out.

This is a great exercise for the people who have difficulty breathing through their nose.

This exercise is great for all ages.

You may even find it helpful to get a noseband to help you practice breathing through your nose without the need for an instrument.

You could also find it useful to use the finger tips of a hand tool to help with the exercise and have it do the work for you.