A call for better, cheaper cough medicine at midnight may not be the best idea.

That was the message from the American Academy of Family Physicians on Wednesday.

They said that the opioid epidemic is making it difficult to find medicines for children and young adults at that time of the year, when the cough virus is the most common form of illness.

They said parents are also concerned that their children may be exposed to the viruses in the house.

The AAFP, which represents more than 800,000 doctors, said there’s a shortage of prescription opioids in the U.S. The group’s report also said that most doctors say they are not prescribing enough opioids for patients with chronic coughs.

The shortage is the result of two factors, the AAFM said.

One is a lack of research about the efficacy and safety of the medications for adults.

The second is the opioid shortage.

The AAP also said there is a growing problem of opioid overdose deaths, especially among young adults.

That’s because opioids, when used by adults, can be extremely addictive and they are widely prescribed for conditions like obesity and diabetes.

The opioid crisis has forced the AAMP to step in.

In addition to offering the best drugs at midnight in the United States, the organization also offers free cough drops and prescription cough medicine to anyone who needs it.

The AAFF said that it also has the highest rate of prescriptions for cough medicine in the world.

The organization said that people are using those drugs to ease symptoms, reduce coughs, and reduce cough severity.

The organization said it is urging all doctors to start prescribing cough medicines at midnight to save lives and keep families healthy.