A lot of the weed we grow here in Washington state is medicinal in nature, so much so that many of us would be surprised to find out that there are many strains of cannabis that are banned from our state.

That’s because many of these strains are considered to be very dangerous for the health of our kids.

According to the Washington Department of Health, some strains are “high in THC, a psychoactive chemical that makes people high.

Some are known to cause psychosis.”

The drug is also known as hashish.

In short, a lot of weed in our state is very dangerous.

It has been banned in several states, including Alaska, Florida, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

The Washington Medical Marijuana Coalition, a group of cannabis growers and processors, says the number of states where it’s legal to grow and use marijuana has increased since 2013.

That includes a major jump in Washington, as well as Colorado, Oregon and Washington, DC.

But the most important thing to remember about the weed you grow and grow in your backyard is that there’s no safe place for kids to grow it.

“We do not recommend it,” the WMC says on its website.

“It is not safe to grow or consume it.

Weed is not a safe substance for anyone.

Weed has not been proven safe for any of the major medical conditions it is purported to treat.

The most dangerous strain is called “Marihuana Sativa,” which is known to have severe side effects.

It is known for its high levels of THC, which are the active ingredient in marijuana.

“So, it’s not safe for everyone.” “

The more you grow it, the more the risks increase,” WMC spokesperson Julie Ries said.

“So, it’s not safe for everyone.”

This year, the WMDC is calling on people to grow their own medical cannabis in their own homes.

The group also suggests that parents who grow their children are more knowledgeable about the risks associated with growing marijuana.

Here are some tips on growing cannabis in your own home.


You can use a vaporizer, a device that vaporizes your marijuana and creates a vapor.

It’s easier to use than smoking.

But it can also be dangerous if you smoke it, Ries explained.

“Vaporizing marijuana can cause some of the worst side effects of smoking marijuana,” she said.

The vaporizer also produces a different kind of hash oil, which can be toxic to kids.


When growing cannabis, use a soil conditioner, such as a clay soil conditioners or a soil-only conditioner.

“Most of these are very easy to use,” Ries told Newsweek.

“You just put your cannabis on the soil and mix it up with a little bit of water, then cover it with a piece of plastic wrap.

If it’s dry, you can just add a bit of sand.”

If the soil is not too wet, you should mix your soil with water and put it in a pot.

“If you don’t have a soil or you don, then you can add soil and let it sit for a couple of hours,” she explained.


Use a hydroponic grow system, which includes a grow tent, a greenhouse, a small pot and more.

The WMC also recommends a greenhouse that allows plants to grow vertically.

“Hydroponic growing is also very safe, but you need to be careful,” Rives said.

When you’re growing your own weed, make sure it’s in a place that won’t damage the soil or the plants, she added.


Be sure your grow tent is properly sealed.

“Some growers are not very good at sealing their grow tent,” Rines said.

If you’re going to grow in a greenhouse or a tent, you may want to consider purchasing a high-quality tent, Rives added.

“For example, I bought this one for my son, and it was made out of a durable material, so he could hang it up.”

If you buy a tent that’s not designed to hold plants, you’ll have to find a way to put it inside the grow tent.


Keep a separate space for your pot, like a container or grow bag.

“Potting soil is really hard to clean,” Rites said.

To clean your potting soil, simply remove any dirt from the outside of the pot, but make sure the dirt isn’t too wet.

If the dirt gets in your eyes or lungs, you’re not ready for the plant to grow.

If there’s anything that is too heavy to handle, Rios says you should just use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt.


“Be careful,” she advised.

“Even though you don and won’t see any of these side effects, if you don.

don’t keep it under the sun, it