The first line of defence against cat allergy is to take action and prevent a flare-up, said the company.

“If you do take action, there’s a small chance you’ll find yourself with a cat allergy.”

It’s just as important to avoid taking any action that might trigger a cat reaction as to get the right treatment for it,” Dr O’Donnell added.”

The best thing to do is just get the cat on a routine exercise, which can be as simple as walking or running, to help reduce the risk of the cat getting a flare up.

“If the cat is getting a reaction, it’s also important to get help to manage it.”

The company said it had found that people who were experiencing cat allergies could benefit from having a cat on their regular exercise routine, with a “significant reduction in the chance of getting a cat” or a cat in the house as a result of the exercise.

Dr O’Neill said cat owners had the right to take the initiative and make sure their pets were well fed, watered and kept in good health.

“That’s where the magic of the pet has come in,” he said.

“A lot of these people have had cat allergies before, but never got them so bad that they were diagnosed, and then the treatment has worked.”

What I love about this is that if they do have a reaction or flare up, there is no need to panic.

They have the option to have their cat put on a different diet, or have it spayed or neutered, or even be tested for the virus.