AUSTIN, Texas (AP) A new device that can detect and correct a person’s sinus infections in minutes is making its debut at the Austin Public Library and the UT Health Science Center.

The device works by measuring blood pressure and pressure readings with the help of a sensor that is placed on the back of the person’s head.

If a patient’s blood pressure is elevated, it can detect that and alert the patient to a sinus condition.

The company behind the device, Kinesiology Inc., said the device can detect when a person is under pressure in the neck area and it can correct that pressure by monitoring blood pressure with a wearable device.

It works by using a small computer to detect blood pressure changes and automatically correct the patient’s airway and reduce the patient from pressure to normal.

The patient then sits in a room with a light and a sound.

If the patient is under normal pressure, the light will blink and a light should also be visible at the patient.

The sound will play if the patient breathes too deeply, which can make the patient more vulnerable to a potentially fatal infection.

If a person does not breathe deeply, the sound will pause.

If the patient continues breathing deeply, a loud sound will be played.

The idea is that the patient can have a normal, healthy, and normal airway, while the sound device can help prevent a potentially dangerous infection.

The system is also used by a number of healthcare organizations and businesses.

The technology has been tested in hospitals and other medical facilities around the world.

The FDA has approved the device.

It’s available for $1 million, and the company is hoping that the device will be used in emergency rooms.

It also hopes to license the technology for use in other facilities.

Kinesiology has raised about $100 million in venture capital and other funding.

The company is currently in private development, according to its website.