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Image Gallery

A miscellanous collection of images and movies related to my medical imaging work.
If you want to use, please one cite the web page as source, plus any sources listed below.

[Withheld until publication. Appearing soon.]

High resolution brain elasticity imaging using my ESP pipeline. Left, traditional T2 MRI image. Middle: tissue stiffness map. Right: tissue viscosity map.

Statistical mapping of muscle activation of thigh cross-section. Left: cohort rest condition. Middle: cohort lift condition. Right: t-statistic map. Source: Barnhill et al 2013 Physiol. Meas. 34 1675.

Elasticity QA phantom, with four targets of varying stiffness, imaged using my ESP inversion pipeline.

Phase unwrapping of saggital leg acquisition with Costantini's network programming algorithm.

Phase unwrapping of high gradient phantom with Schofield-Zhu spectral algorithm.

Shear waves propagating through an aorta. Source: CRIC.