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My ResearchGate page has more detailed information and copies of some manuscripts and you can also download my CV here. For information on my coding work, my GitHub page is here.

Here are links to some lead author academic publications.

"Nonlinear multiscale regularisation in MR elastography: Towards fine feature mapping" Medical Image Analysis. HTML link.

"Entrainment is Sparse" Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Open Access HTML link.

"Real Time 4D Phase Unwrapping Applied To Magnetic Resonance Elastography" Magnetic Resonance In Medicine. HTML link.

"Statistical Mapping Of Thigh Muscle Viscoelastic Properties With Magnetic Resonance Elastography." Physiological Measurement. PDF link.

"Neural Connectivity, Music, and Movement: Response to Pat Amos." Frontiers In Integrative Neuroscience. Open access link.

Cognitive Eurhythmics Case Vignettes

Stewart, Part 1: Eliminating the Need for Orthotics with Music and Movement Games. PDF link.

Vanessa, Part 1: Eliminating Difficulties With "Personal Boundaries" Through Enhancing Spatial and Rhythmic-Spatial Processing. PDF link.

Using Cognitive Eurhythmics to Enhance Functionality in Alzheimer's Patients. PDF link.

Ian, Part 1: Enhancing Attention Through Music and Movement. PDF link.

Ian, Part 2: Learning Piano with a Severe Memory Disability. PDF link.

Helga, Part 1: Using Eurhythmics-Based Movement Games to Eliminate Spasticity in a Stroke Recovery Patient. PDF link.

Helga, Part 2: Using Bilateral Rhythm Games to Coordinate and Improve a Stroke-Afflicted Side of the Body. PDF link.

Marcia: Using Rhythm and Music to Create Initiative in a Stroke Recovery Patient. PDF link.

Educational Curricula

The Special Music School K-8 music theory Curriculum. PDF link.