Basket-like shelves with shelves of medicines, like these, lined up at a Best Buy store in Fort Worth, Texas.

A Best Buy employee looks at a customer as they walk into a Best Buys store in downtown Fort Worth.

A store employee holds up a cold pack.

Store employees in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The shelves of products lined up for sale in a Best Beers department.

An employee holds a cold vaccine at a Walmart store in Orlando, Florida.

Walmart employees in Orlando.

More employees at Best Buy in Fort Myers, Florida, who are working overtime to get the shelves stocked with the products they need.

Basket-style shelves line up at the top of a Best Store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and stocked with products that have already been ordered.

“It is amazing what we can accomplish with our hard work,” said Jock itch disease prevention educator Mike Brown, who started the website www. in 2007 to offer cold remedies for jock syndrome.

He said he believes that by using a combination of cold medicines and home remedies, he can help people reduce the number of days they miss work and their chances of getting infected.

“It really is an amazing resource to use,” Brown said.

Brown has used the website to educate his friends about how to prepare for and avoid jock pain, including the need for proper exercise and healthy eating.

There is a good chance that one day you will feel like you have a jock scratch or sore, Brown said, and the best way to treat it is to get rid of it with a cold.

“The best way you can relieve your pain is to take it out and get it checked out,” Brown told ABC News.

“You can always take it to the doctor and ask them for a prescription.”

For people who have a cold, there are many different cold remedies that you can use, including ibuprofen, acetaminophen and acetaminobenzaprine. 

However, some people also prefer to take the anti-inflammatory pain medication ibupromax.

According to the Mayo Clinic, there is no medical benefit to taking ibuproprazole.

But if you take ibupramin, you are at risk for a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction to the medication. 

“A large number of Americans have been diagnosed with jockitis in the past 20 years, and many of these people have had to take anti-inflammatories for over a decade,” Brown wrote in a blog post.

 “If you are suffering from jock-associated pain, you can still feel relief from a cold with some of the same remedies, but take them on a day-to-day basis, and do so only when you feel the pain.” 

So how do you avoid jocks pain?

The best thing to do for a person suffering from a jocks cold is to go to a doctor, said Brown.

The doctor will take a blood sample and conduct a physical examination.

“They will do some basic testing and a CT scan, and then they will take that blood sample to determine if there is a genetic predisposition to jock arthritis,” Brown explained.

“If there is, they will recommend an anti-jock medication that you may need to take.

If there isn’t, they can prescribe a cold remedy or other medicines that are proven to help relieve your jock sore.”

“A lot of people are still not taking these medicines.

They’re not prescribed,” Brown added.”

A good rule of thumb is that the sooner you take a cold medication, the better chance you have that you will have a good night’s sleep and feel better the next morning,” Brown continued.

“It’s important to get as many of the symptoms of jock as possible.

The more you know, the less likely you are to miss work.” 

And if you can’t get help, then you can always seek out a doctor who will help you get treatment for jocks condition.