ESPN senior writer Kevin Clark has the latest on the news and updates about the NFL’s suspension of former players for using performance-enhancing drugs.

Read moreAt least nine former NFL players were disciplined for using drugs and paraphernalia in an effort to improve performance, including the Hall of Fame player who was a running back and wide receiver for the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs.

The NFL suspended seven players for an undisclosed period of time, including running back Arian Foster, wide receiver Julio Jones and safety Devin McCourty.

They are all still serving their suspensions.

The NFL said it also suspended the players for two games and fined the team $50,000.

Foster and Jones each faced a three-game suspension.

McCourry, the third player suspended, is still serving his.

The suspensions and fines were announced Monday by Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league’s chief executive officer, Roger Goodell.

The suspensions and fine were not retroactive to Sept. 6.

McCourty, who signed with the Atlanta Falcons last year, received a three season suspension after testing positive for a performance- enhancing drug in December.

McCurry received a two-game penalty and will be eligible for release from his suspension in 2019.

McKenzie was suspended three games after testing negative for a banned substance and had his suspension retroactive.

He had previously been suspended two games, and McCurry will not be eligible to be released from his punishment until 2019.

In addition, linebacker A.J. Hawk was suspended two weeks after testing the NFL-mandated performance-boosting drug EPO in December, and he will be released in 2020.

Hawk’s suspension was retroactive, and his punishment will be retroactive until 2021.

Hawks linebacker Jameel McClain and safety Trevon Coley both received two-games suspensions for testing positive after the league mandated a four-game drug testing policy in October.

McClain had previously tested positive in November.

Coley was also suspended one week after testing, and the team has yet to determine a date for his release.

McClain and Coley have been suspended for the first four games of the season and fined $250,000 each for violating the league drug policy.

Coley will not count against the team’s 2018 salary cap until 2019 and McClain is due to count against his 2018 salary next year.

McLain and Hawk were suspended for three games each for a combined four tests, which was retroactively to Sept., 6, but the suspensions and penalties were not offset for the suspensions.

The five suspensions were announced in addition to a one-game fine for linebacker Aaron Donald.

Donald was suspended for two weeks for violating NFL drug policy after testing multiple times.

Donald also will be ineligible to play in 2020 until 2019, and will have to forfeit his 2018 contract.

Donald was fined $100,000 for violating a team drug policy, and Donald will have a one game suspension for violating his 2019 contract.

He was suspended by the Falcons in January for the same violation.

Donald will be a free agent after the 2020 season.

He signed a two year, $14 million contract with the Falcons.

Donald is the fourth former player to be suspended in a week, joining Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky and Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell.