By Sarah McClellanGettyMedical care is a big part of a quarterback’s life.

There are things he can’t control like when he gets hit and when he has to stop.

But if he can manage to avoid injury and get himself healthy, there are a lot of things he could do to improve his chances of playing the game of football at the highest level.

The Cleveland Browns’ Tyrod Taylor has been one of those quarterbacks who has done everything right to avoid injuries during his career, even when he was on the field.

He’s had no major surgeries or setbacks in his recovery, and he was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL when healthy.

But injuries, bad knees and bad knees are what kept him from making it as a starter in 2016.

It’s a problem that needs to be addressed in 2017, when Taylor will turn 32 years old.

Taylor’s health has been a source of debate for months.

The Browns had hoped to get him in the fold as a backup, but that option fell through because the Browns have no other viable backup.

Taylor has thrown for more than 1,300 yards, 10 touchdowns and 10 interceptions during his time in Cleveland, but he’s struggled with his accuracy.

His accuracy has dipped to 32.9 percent, the worst mark in the league.

In a column for The MMQB, I wrote about the importance of keeping an eye on Taylor’s accuracy.

I wrote: “If Taylor has the ability to consistently make accurate throws with the ball in his hands, it could be a huge factor in his long-term success as a quarterback.”

A week after I wrote that, Taylor’s injury situation became even more complicated when he tore his ACL in the first quarter of a Week 2 win over the Miami Dolphins.

That injury was devastating, but Taylor’s recovery from the ACL tear has been even more so.

Taylor was playing the position for the Browns when he suffered the injury.

He was playing at a high level.

He had the best arm of his career and he completed more passes than any quarterback in the game.

Taylor had a lot to be proud of and the team was thankful for his leadership.

But now Taylor will miss his last six games.

He was a key piece of the Browns’ offense.

He finished third in rushing yards with 2,065 and sixth in passing yards with 1,816.

Taylor was the third-most accurate quarterback in franchise history and was a favorite of coaches and players.

When Taylor was injured, the Browns were in the midst of a four-game losing streak, and they weren’t ready to move forward with Taylor.

When Taylor was in his prime, the team signed him as a free agent and signed him to a five-year, $43 million deal in 2016, but the team wasn’t ready for him to be ready to be a full-time starter.

Taylor is now 34 years old and he still has plenty of time to develop as a player.

He could be ready for a new challenge.

The problem is that Taylor was healthy last season.

He missed two games in 2015 because of an ankle injury and was inactive in three games in 2014, two of which came in Weeks 3-5.

Taylor played through his ACL injury and missed the rest of the season.

But he was in good shape when he returned to play last year.

He played through two knee surgeries and missed just three games.

Taylor threw for 3,844 yards, 25 touchdowns and 15 interceptions last season and finished second in the AFC South behind Tom Brady.

Taylor had a career year in 2016 and the Browns believe that he could have played for them in the playoffs this year if they were able to get healthy.

The team signed Taylor to a three-year contract worth $24 million last summer.

He will be the first free agent quarterback signed by the Browns since 2010.

Taylor and the Cleveland Browns are a good team, but they still have to do a better job of maintaining a healthy, productive and well-run offense.

They have to figure out how to keep Taylor healthy.