Health authorities in Australia have confirmed that there are products available for motion sickness, and the country’s health authorities have a list of about 100 which they are recommending to people suffering from the condition.

They also said that some of these products have been available in the country for several years.

The list of products available includes those from Healthline and Medicines Australia.

But the list also includes several products from a number of health authorities around the world.

One such product is the “Motion Sickness Treatment Kit” which includes an “infrared light” device, an inflatable balloon, and a light source that is set to emit infrared light.

It comes in a range of sizes, including a 20cm (9 inch) inflatable tube and a 50cm (16 inch) plastic tube.

It costs $19.99 at the time of writing.

Healthline said it was “very excited” about the products, saying they had been available for several months.

“It has been the number one complaint for our users, and we are pleased to report that the Healthline product has now been available to all Australian residents for some time,” the company said.

“The products are also easy to use, and there are no technical issues.

We are confident that the products will help those suffering from motion sickness to recover quickly.”

Methuselah Health in Victoria said it had sold the product for about three months, with the company estimating it was selling about 30 to 50 per cent of the supply.

The company’s chief executive, John Young, said he was “excited” about it and was “thrilled” the company was now offering it to Australians.

“We are confident the product will be able to help millions of Australians in need of a quick solution for their motion sickness,” Mr Young said.

He said Methuselawhite’s products were being distributed through its pharmacy network.

“They have been used by our patients for many years and have the same safety profile as other medications.”

These are not only safe, but effective treatments for motion and dizziness, pain, anxiety, mood and sleep disorders,” he said.

The Productivity Commission has said that it will investigate whether there are barriers to accessing products for people with motion sickness.”

This will be the responsibility of Health Australia,” it said.

In Australia, some products are being sold without any health warnings.

Health Australia has said it is reviewing its position on motion sickness products and that the agency will “review all of its products in the future”.