The flu is one of the most common chronic health conditions for the United States.

With the flu season kicking off, the CDC and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are asking people who have a flu shot in the past month to share their experience with us.

We have compiled this survey to get an insight into what people have said about their experiences.


“I had to go back and take the flu shot and my first day was pretty terrible.”

Ive been having flu symptoms for over 2 weeks and felt like a zombie in a hospital bed.

The last few days were not that bad, but after a couple of days of fever I decided to get a second shot.

I went back the next day and took the second dose and got better.


“My first flu shot was pretty good, but then the flu started to kick in and I was starting to feel more and more sick.

I got sick and went back for a second and took a second more.

I had to come back the third day and take a third dose, too.

I didnt feel well, but I was feeling better and better.

I was taking the second shot right after the third shot and by the third dose I was having so much pain in my side. “

The second shot really helped, but it wasnt long before I was very sick again.

I was taking the second shot right after the third shot and by the third dose I was having so much pain in my side.

I started feeling worse and worse.

I needed a second dose of the third, but the third wasnt that good.”

I was on the third of four shots I took in a row.

Ive also had to get tested for the flu twice, once in October and again in January.

I have been on a vaccine for a few weeks now, but my first vaccine came just as I was getting ready to have my second shot in December.

I dont remember much about my second flu shot.


“It took me a long time to get well.

I still dont feel well or sick at all.”

The first flu season was the worst Ive ever had, and Ive seen some pretty severe flu-like symptoms in the last few months.

I thought I had the flu for a week, and the last week or so I have had a fever, chills, coughs and sore throat.

My first symptoms started at the beginning of January, and lasted until January 6th, when I started getting some symptoms again.

During the first flu week, I was really sick.

My temperature went from 98 degrees to 90 degrees in a matter of hours.

The first symptoms were getting more severe as the flu progressed.

I would feel sick for at least 4 days at a time, and then I would have a fever and cough for another 24 hours.

It was just unbearable.

During my second year, Ive had more of the flu.

I experienced mild symptoms on the first two weeks of the season, and had a cough for the first couple of weeks of my third flu week.

However, after the second flu week Ive felt better, but still had some mild flu-type symptoms.

I felt sick and tired all the time, but at the end of the day, it was still not good enough to get sick.

During these last few weeks, I had my first flu-related flare-up.

I woke up on the fourth day of my flu, and my throat was so swollen and I couldn’t breathe.

It took me another 24 to 48 hours for the swelling to disappear, and it was then that I had a flare-off of the symptoms that I was experiencing.

 “I didnt get sick in the first week.

I cant tell you how many times I felt like I was dying.

I kept thinking I had died.

I tried to get up and take care of the house, but everything felt so bad.

I think the last two weeks have been the worst.”

I didnt have a good flu season, but had been feeling really bad and tired the last couple of months.

During that time, I tried going to a doctor and getting tested for other flu-specific viruses.

After about a week or two of getting sick, I went to the doctor again and the doctor told me that I didnt need a second flu-shot.

I said “Well, I am not going to do that, I dont have any other symptoms.”

I got a second one, but that wasnt good enough for me.

I took another shot in January and the next month I had another flare-over of the same symptoms.

During February, I did get a flare in my throat, but not to the same extent that the first time.

During March, I got two flare-overs.

The third flare-out was in April and I did start getting some more symptoms again, but this time, they didnt last as long as the previous ones.

This is when I took the fourth and fifth shots in January, but for the most part, it didnt go anywhere. In