Allocare, a privately held company that makes anabolic steroids and other supplements, announced Monday that it would shut down operations in the United States. 

The news comes after months of pressure from activist groups, which have accused Allocared of profiting from a monopoly over the market.

The company, which is headquartered in San Francisco, said it was shutting down operations at least in part because it does not have the capacity to supply all of the prescriptions required by customers.

The company has denied those allegations.

Allocares chief executive and founder Peter J. Weintraub said in a statement that the company has a responsibility to provide its customers with the best possible service.

“We have made a serious commitment to our customers to meet their needs and, with our global team, we will continue to invest in new products and services,” Weintreub said.

Weintrau, whose company has been a leader in the growth of alternative health and wellness products, was appointed CEO by President Trump in March.

In the last few months, several states have tried to pass laws to allow the production and sale of prescription-only steroids and medical-grade drugs.

At least two states, New York and California, have introduced bills that would require prescription- only steroid users to register with the state, while in New Jersey, a similar bill has been introduced.