The Food and Disposal Administration’s (FDA) move to delay the approval of the flu vaccine has left many healthcare providers and patients in a quandary.

In recent months, the FDA has issued a number of clarifications on the flu vaccines and their safety. 

According to the CDC, the agency is preparing to issue an interim update to the FluVax schedule that will include clarifications and updates on the safety of the vaccine. 

As a result, many healthcare professionals are concerned that the vaccine might not be ready for patients by the time it is officially approved.

According to AARP, the flu shot is the first product on the FDA schedule to be delayed. 

“Many of the changes are necessary to ensure that the vaccines can be safely administered to individuals who are eligible for the vaccine, and that they are not misclassified as a pandemic influenza vaccine,” AARP wrote in a statement. 

The AARP added that there are currently “a number of additional safety concerns” that are preventing the flu shots from being considered as a safe, effective vaccine for all Americans. 

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