Why is the price of a dog-associated diarrhea medication rising in Western Australia?

In a bid to combat rising costs, Western Australia’s government has unveiled a new set of new regulations for the prescription and dispensing of dog-specific medications.

A new set on prescription for dog-related medications that are currently priced at a whopping $11.50 each.

Currently, the cost of the medication is $11 per capsule, or $11 for a six-pack of 24 capsules.

The new regulations aim to make the cost per capsule cheaper.

It’s estimated that each dog-derived product that comes into the state will cost between $40 and $80, depending on where it is produced.

In Western Australia, there are currently only six different dog-based medicines, all of which are made from the same plant, and each of these are labelled as being “approved for use by dogs”.

There is a wide range of veterinary medications that dogs can receive.

Some are made specifically for dogs with arthritis, others for dogs that have a health condition such as allergies, and others are made for people with arthritis that has progressed.

But the most popular dog-branded medication in Western Australian is the Chihai Dog-Assisted Oral Solution, or CHI-2, which is a generic formulation of the same medication as the standard dog-assisted oral product.

This is the cheapest medication in the world and it costs about $10 per capsule.

Despite the popularity of CHI 2, which has been available for nearly two decades, the price is increasing, with the new price increase coming into effect from April 1.

With the new regulations, Western Australian will no longer be the only state with this expensive medication.

While the state of New South Wales will continue to be the world leader when it comes to dog-only medication, the regulations in Western, as well as Northern Territory and Queensland, will mean that there is no longer a price barrier to the purchase of dog products.

“The regulations will allow people to make a choice, and we hope this will make Western Australia a better place for dogs to live and thrive,” WA Premier Mike Baird said.

He said the new regulation will give patients greater choice and will also encourage more veterinary practitioners to prescribe these cheaper alternative medicines.

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